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Design + Building

With completed projects in Florida and Illinois, and upcoming projects in other parts of the US, Casanoah Design Group is expanding our service area to match client needs.

By being involved in the entire process from first draft to final build, we can ensure seamless integration of products, efficient use of time during construction, and a final build that looks exactly as the client intended.

Our Process

At CASANOAH, we have our unique design and construction processes down to a science.


Development Planning and Engineering Study

During the initial stage of a project, our engineering team will work with our client to conduct a due diligence study and tell a client the pros and cons and whether or where the client should purchase the land to build his project. Concept Design During the initial stage of a project, we’ll meet with a client to pinpoint each of their specific goals for what they want to realize in the building’s construction. As our primary objective is to meet our client’s ideas head-on, we will then go over all of the various design possibilities and architectural references so that we can illustrate how the project will be moving forward.


Engineering, Architectural Design and Permitting

In this stage, we will orchestrate with the whole engineering and architect team to ensure a smooth and efficient design and permitting process. Our Engineering Team will work with the client and his consultants such as architects, structural engineer, etc to complete necessary governmental agencies’ permits applications.

Our interior and exterior team will work with the professionals to create a detailed 3D rendering of the building’s exterior as well as an illustrated floor plan. Only when these are agreed upon do we go ahead with the remaining stages of the pre-construction process.


Interior Design Development

The following stage is perhaps our most intensive, as it involves creating intricate floor plans, interior elevations, 3D renderings and layouts, as well as all necessary specifics about building sections, light fixtures and plumbing fixtures. In order to illustrate an accurate layout of the built space, we’ll create a detailed measurement drawing and select all of the interior design references for a client. On top of this, we make a high-definition 3D visualization of each room in the building.


Product Procurement

This stage of the process is what will take the longest, as we source all of our materials internationally to ensure both the best quality and price for our client’s building materials. Our team of global sourcing professionals will work in conjunction with the design team to ensure that the perfect materials are chosen to make our client’s vision a reality. We source everything from raw building materials such as lumber and concrete to finishing touches such as veneers and stonework. Come into your local Casanoah showroom to sample everything we have to offer!